Nasser Center Branch Program

Music Programme

This aims to improve the inmates’ musical skills and give them an opportunity to develop their talents and creativity. This has resulted in the formation of an inmates’ band.

Vocational Workshops Programme

This offers the inmates an opportunity to learn manual skills such as carpentry, electronics, calligraphy, glass-painting, sculpture and printing to enable them to adopt one of these as a profession. A fully-equipped building divided into workshops has been allocated for the programme. The inmates’ creations are exhibited at the Gulf Inmate Week Exhibition held annually at a shopping mall.

Quran Memorization Programme

This offers an opportunity, to the inmates who want to recite and memorise the Quran, to learn and master the required skills. The programme also offers religious lectures and cultural competitions. Through its activities, the inmates are prepared to take part in Quran-memorising competitions in the Interior Ministry and the Kingdom.

Behavioural Therapy Programme

This involves psychological therapy for behavioural and psychological diseases through individual and group sessions to encourage inmates to lead a psychologically healthy lifestyle. It also involves explaining to inmates the nature of symptoms they need to get rid of and the reasons why. This can lead to a full recovery.

Recovery Programme

This programme is offered in cooperation with the Drug Recovery Association. It that a number of courses, lectures and social activities through self-supporting groups, in addition to the help of experts. Various reading, visual and audio awareness aids are also provided to achieve the goal of transforming addict inmates into decent individuals who can focus on building their future properly.

Activities and Events