Workshop in Cooperation with the International Red Cross Committee

The Interior Ministry signed a cooperation agreement with the International Red Cross Committee in December 2011. Following this, the two sides initiated programmes to train the staff of the Reformation & Rehabilitation Centre and the Detention Centre in accordance with the international, regional and local human rights systems, conventions and agreements, especially those related to the rights of inmates and prisoners.

International Cooperation in Training

There is training cooperation with the Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas (NI-CO), a non-profit organization that aims to assist government and non-government organizations to ensure positive sustainable development and modernization. The NI-CO trains the staff of the Reformation & Rehabilitation Centre and the Detention Centre to meet their important role in law enforcement and the rehabilitation and reformation of inmates.

The Training

The Directorate has a comprehensive human resource development plan which involves specialized courses, workshops and lectures covering all relevant topics. This has required cooperation with a number of international, regional and local organizations to offer the best training programmes to ensure professionalism among all personnel as they carry out operations.

The Development

The General Directorate of Reformation & Rehabilitation works within a system that combines its role as the law enforcer with that of the rehabilitator of inmates. This means the Reformation & Rehabilitation Centre has to perform a delicate and specialized function. Major legislative developments in the Kingdom in the field of human rights have made the Centre’s personnel more keenly aware of such rights and led to staff training and rehabilitation of inmates in accordance with the law to ensure they perform their duties efficiently.

Activities and Events