Reformation and Rehabilitation: vaccination of all inmates who wanted to get COVID-19 vaccine

The General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation completed in cooperation with the Health Affairs Directorate the vaccination of all inmates who wanted to get COVID-19 vaccine. The service was part of the department's continuation to enforce precautionary measures against the virus to protect the safety of inmates. 
The vaccination was carried out according to a specific schedule to meet human rights values and standards as part of the work system of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre. The service is also part of implementing the Reformation and Rehabilitation Organisations Law and its rules and the measures to tackle the pandemic. The department introduced some e-services, such as video calls, e-court hearings, e-documentation and online medical consultation to avoid direct contact with inmates for their safety. 
The procedures also include the allocation of a field hospital and the implementation of health quarantine for new inmates, redistribution of inmates and activation of new buildings. A team to carry disinfection operations in coordination with the Civil Defence was formed. Inmates are provided with medical requirements and undergo random COVID-19 tests. They are also provided with masks, gloves and sanitisers. 

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