Reformation and Rehabilitation: health measures were taken after the detection of a COVID-19 case

The General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation has taken the relevant health procedures after detecting one COVID-19 case if an inmate, 45, convicted in a bounced cheque case.  The inmate underwent medical checkup after he developed a fever. The Health Affairs Directorate is following his case.
The inmate is now in quarantine, and he was tested before his entry to the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre in Jau. He was transferred to the field hospital allocated for such purpose, and inmates and police personnel who came in contact with him were listed and quarantined for 14 days. All of them tested negative. The General Directorate of Civil Defence disinfected all utilities of the building and the clinic.
The General Directorate affirmed dedication for protecting the health and safety of all inmates and implementing precautionary measures to fight COVID-19 and per the law of reformation and rehabilitation organisations and security and safety conditions.

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