MOI Undersecretary: Reformation and Rehabilitation continues to curry COVID-19 precautionary measures for the safety of inmates.

His Excellency Interior Ministry Undersecretary and Head of Human Rights Committee Shaikh Nasser bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa asserted on Saturday the continuation of the ministry in following precautionary measures against COVID-19 pandemic to protect the safety of its affiliates.
He also highlighted the continuation of the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation to carry its successful procedures to promote the safety of inmates per the rules of the reformation and rehabilitation organisations law, international standards and safety and security conditions. 
The Undersecretary said that the commitment to the human rights values and standards meet the general police work and the performance of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre. Some services were replaced with e-facilities such as video calls, e-court hearings, e-documentation and online medical consultations, he added.
He said that there are many safety measures, including the prevention of direct contact with inmates to protect their health and safety along with the allocation of a building as a field hospital and apply health quarantine on new inmates before entering the centre. Inmates were redistributed among buildings, and new annexes were opened, while they regularly undergo random COVID-19 tests and provided with masks, gloves and sanitisers. The department also carries regular disinfection operations in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defence. 
The directorate works to develop the canteen and enforce new administrative measures to meet the needs of inmates. He said that the directorate in cooperation with Batelco launched an initiative to provide free calling credits for inmates. He hailed the role of the company in the implementation of the initiative out of its community responsibility.  

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